Epson 4880 polymer gravure plate printing

Hi - I am hoping someone can help me. I am trying to print a test polymer plate with my epson 4880 printer. My printer does not have any markings on the blue paper cover to help with loading the plate. My plate is 8" x 11.5 inches. Is this too short? I am front feeding the plate with the widest gap in the platen. I think the plate is going in crooked because it keeps telling me to remove the paper. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

Can you add images to this post? I can’t seem to upload anything in this text block.

Hi - I have found my way to turning on the paper size check and have that turned on but I still have the problem of the paper not straight reload. As it is not paper but a steel backed polymer plate, it doesn’t touch the blue tray cover, even if my paper cover had markings. Any thoughts?

OK - I feel stupid. I just pushed the plate all the way to the right edge and the printer took it. So for get the above questions but be prepared for some more inane questions in the future.