Epson 4880 flushing box

Can anyone suggest why the flushing box on my epson 4880 stays puddled up. I removed it and cleaned and ran warm water thru it. It is clear and not clogged. Reinstalled it and in less than a week it is puddled up. If the filter is clean shouldn’t the ink just freely flow into the waste ink tank, or is there another obstruction before it empties into the waste ink tank.

Most likely you have a wad of crap at the bottom of the flush box (under the screen/pad).

You need to take the screen/pad out and look in there. Otherwise, your vacuum pump is dead or going.


I guess i dont have a visual of how the fllushing box works. Just looks like it has a tube on the bottom that fits in a hole leading to the maintainance tank. Does that tube connect to something that pulls a vaccum?

Yes. There is a pump that is between the flush box and the tank,