Epson 4800 After Damper Replacement

Hi, I have a 4800 that suddenly had a bad clogging issue. I replaced the dampers since that had never been done. I primed all the lines when I put it back together but afterwards, I saw that two of the lines still have air. I tried doing an init fill but that didn’t fix it. I’ve run a couple of regular cleaning cycles but I’m not getting good results. I’m getting two colors that print and little from the others. Other than taking the head apart again and repriming the ink lines, is there anything I can do? Will a power clean help? Thanks for your help.

Not sure what you mean by “priming the lines.” If you did this through the dampers you have most likely damaged the dampers as priming the lines should only be done with the initial fill procedure and not manually.

  1. Take your dampers off and re-seat re-attach them. Don’t torch these too much. Epson recommends a torch wrench and certain amount of torch (specified in the manual and it’s not on-hand right now).
  2. Make sure the vent holes are open on your carts. (Put a sharpie mark at the ink level).
  3. Reset your waste ink tank and put clean paper towel in there.
  4. Do a few power cleanings.
  5. Check your waste ink tank for ink and your cartridges where you put the ink level.
  6. If nothing, your head or dampers are kaput.


Thanks for the response. I’m a little confused, though. The manual says to manually prime the dampers by sucking the air out with a syringe. Is this not the proper thing to do?
Also, is there further risk to the head by doing one or multiple power cleans?

Again, thanks for the help.

I’m still trying to get this printer working but it’s not going well. Ink is running through the system and into the maintenance tank. Ink levels go down on the carts. I’ve done a few power cleanings and one ultrasonic cleaning but I’m still getting only two colors printing on the test pattern and virtually nothing else. I’ve used PiezoFlush and definitely see evidence of ink passing through. Anything else I can try? Any suggestions are very much appreciated.