Epson 4530 black ink

I have Durabrite ITDB-700-K in my Epson WP-4530 printer. This has been a fantastic printer for me, and the inks have done really well in this printer. Until the last couple of weeks. The colours print well, but the black is coming out grey. It’s almost as if the printer is in an “eco mode”, but I cannot find any such setting. Besides, the colours are printing more vividly than the black.

My nozzle check is perfect, and I just ran a print head alignment just in case. I’m out of ideas.

I’m not sure. It could just be that the cartridge needed agitation and it never got that and you printed out the black pigment.

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Sorry, it’s been awhile…

I’m pretty sure I agitated the black ink bottle before filling. I tried inserting a genuine Epson cartridge and did an ink charge using the WicReset utility. I now have normal black ink. If the ink in the cartridge is low on pigment because of poor agitation, any suggestions on how to remove the ink? Can I remove the ink back to the original bottle and give it a better agitation?

The MFG batch is 04/02/18 Lot # 130810

Most likely the pigment is simply gone (emptied into the waste ink tank)


Okay, I’ll syringe out and discard as much ink from the reusable cartridge, refill with my ITDB black. I’ll do this when my Epson black goes empty.