Epson 4000 serv. req. 0001002D reset code for EOL Cleaner Unit

My trusty Epson Stylus Pro 4000 shows the error code for cleaner unit replace/service. Tried to reset counters, but managed to trigger an initial fill, which would not quit. Later, was able to delve into the menu, but had to let the initial fill complete it’s cycle despite attempting to turn it off through the menu on the printer.So, when the ink arrives, it’s time to deal with resetting the cleaner counter, or replacing whole unit with one in my spare 4000; need adjustment program, mac version or windows in Bootcamp, if unit needs any changes. Or, could swap printhead and ink into spare printer, whichever is easier or works better.Should be able to turn off just the cleaner counter, but may have already cleared all of them by mistake, which I later learn is bad news. Any experience in this regard will be considered of great use! Thanks.