Epson 4000 - Maint Req 0040

Hello… I have been trying to reset this message. i have done the following:
The maintenance reset procedure for Epson Stylus Pro 4000.

Turn off the printer
Hold down the three leftmost arrow buttons [left-arrow] [down-arrow] [up-arrow]
Turn on the printer
Release the buttons
A new menu will appear
Press the up/down arrows to get to the “Clear Counters” menu
Press the up/down arrows to get the “Maintenance Tank” menu
Clear the counter.
Turn off printer.
When you restart the printer, the maintenance tank should indicate ‘Empty’

from what i have found via the internet is that this is related to the waste tank. i have reset my waste tank with a chip resetter, i have done the instructions above. yet, i keep getting this message when the printer is turned on and i am not able to print. other solutions available??


Hi Tim~

Based on the Epson 4000 repair manual, the “0040” message you’re getting means “Cleaner Unit end of life”, and instructs to “clear the Cleaner counter”.
To do this, stat the printer in Service Mode by holding down these 3 buttons when you turn the power on: Paper source + eject + paper feedhold them for a few seconds while turning the printer on. Once the printer has started in Service Mode, push the Menu button, scroll to clear counters, and select cleaner. Turn the printer off, then back on normally to exit Service Mode.

I hope this helps, best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Good morning My dear, Very grateful for such excellent ATTENTION, PROFESSIONALISM, the steps for the Epson 4000 - Maint Req 0040 service mode, are precise and very helpful. I really thank you for helping us keep our equipment in good condition.

My Dear, What steps should I take, to see again on the LCD DISPLAY AND ON THE COMPUTER MONITOR, THE CARTRIDGE INK LEVEL? Now all of them appear full and the wear percentages are not visible, that is; NOW THE FULL CARTRIDGES ALWAYS SEE AND THE LEVEL OF INKS OF EACH CARTRIDGE CANNOT BE SEEN.

Stay tuned. BLESSINGS

simply use the Epson Utility installed with your driver to see the levels.


thank you very much thousand blessings