Epson 3885

I have recently taken delivery of Piezography K7 Selenium ink and cartridges for an Epson 3880. Perhaps naively I was led to believe that the Epson 3885 (which I have) was the Asian designation of the standard 3880 and was otherwise identical. I have had no luck getting the printer to recognize any of the cartridges despite following the instructions exactly. The printer functions perfectly with the Epson K3 ink cartridges. The auto reset chips supplied have 3800 written on them and I was wondering (and hoping!) that this was the problem. Additionally QTR doesn’t seem to support the 3885 although I haven’t yet followed this up. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Hi Greg,

Our cartridges/chips for the 3880 do NOT support the 3885, you will need to locate a 3880 to use our system & QTR


Thanks Kelly, I suspected that was the answer.




I have the same printer, with the same problems with the Cartridges/chips, and also with the QTR.
For the QTR I fixed as:

Go to the folder: /Applications/QuadToneRIP/Profiles/3800-3880-K7
Rename the install script from Install3880-K7.command to Install3885-K7=3880.command
The idea is to create a printer called Quad3885-K7 but use the 3880 driver.
Just be careful to get the name exact – no spaces or other characters.
Then you can run the script for your printer and setup.

I hope with the carts we have a solution, otherwise I guess we will need to buy a new ones?