Epson 3880 VLM cart not recognized

I’m having a problem that seems very similar to this: 3880 VLM cart not recognized

I’ve replaced a few other carts in my printer, primarily the blacks, without any issues, but for some reason the VLM reset chip isn’t working for me. I’ve followed the troubleshooting guidelines, swapping the original chip back in to confirm that it is still recognized, examined the reset chip for any obvious issues, cleaned contacts with an alcohol swab, ensured that the pins are contacting the original chip contact points, reinitialized the printer, but I haven’t been able to get past the “Cart not recognized” error.

Are there any other steps I may have missed here? It worked so smoothly for the other carts, I’m at a loss as to what is different with this one.

We’ll get a replacement VLM control chip out to you ASAP.

I apologize for the delay,


The replacement worked perfectly, thanks very much.

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