Epson 3880 printer

I purchased a new Epson Stylus Pro 3880 a few years ago. About 4 years ago I decided to switch from the OEM Epson cartridges to the Inkjet Mall refillable cartridges. All was going well until about three weeks ago.

Suddenly I started getting a “replace cartridge” message persistently. I removed all cartridges and agitated the ink, being sure to solidly replace the cartridges. After this failed, I put tape over the chips to secure them in place. I bought new Epson OEM Photo Black and Light Light Black cartridges thinking that might be the problem. Nothing has brought about a successful result. Walker ( IJM ) has suggested it may be time to replace the refillable cartridges which he says last 2-7 years. I am not aware of any other printer problems.

I have reached my frustration end point as an amateur enthusiast, coupled with my declining photography due to health reasons. Therefore, I would be happy to sell the printer with all the ink I have for $350.00. The two new EOM cartridges were $75.00 each and have never been used to print. Of course, the buyer must pay for shipping. I live in Kansas City.

If interested, contact me here or call 913-808-5188.


I’ll give you a call later today.