Epson 3880 printer for sale

I have a perfectly working Epson 3880 photo printer in excellent condition.(Reason for selling; I have upgraded to an Epson SC P7000). The printer currently contains 9 partially full refillable ink cartridges containing Jon Cone Pro Color Ink . Syringes for filling the cartridges and partially filled 110ml ink bottles ( 9 inks) are also included. Additionally included are 9 refillable (partially filled) cartridges containing Cone Piezoflush solution and two unused maintenance cartridges This printer will make fine art prints on up to 17" (A2) wide paper. I am asking $500 plus shipping for the printer with the inks, etc. as mentioned above. Will ship in original box.
If interested: contact Mike Mason

Mike - Is your 3880 still for sale? I am in Santa Fe, NM - where are you? Thanks, Joe Cohen

I just got my SC P7000 so, yes the 3880 is available. I am on the West Coast of Florida. I have the original box, so it could be shipped to you if you are interested.