Epson 3880 Partially Communicates with Win PC

Just received a used Epson 3880 purchased from eBay that looks cosmetically new, very clean with 2580 counts on the print counter. I own two other 3880s’s along with a P6000 and a 9800 Epson printer all which work and print fine using network or USB connections driven from my PC workstation. The problem is that the new 3880 fails to completely communicate with the workstation either via USB or ethernet i.e. Win 10 printer status will toggle between offline and idle when the printer is turned from off to on. However, when I attempt to print a test page nothing happens and when using the LFP Remote Panel Utility to interrogate the printer I get “Cannot communicate with the selected printer” error message. The printer produces a nice test print using the printer panel so the mechanics look like they are working OK. When I change from USB to ethernet input I can successfully ping the port but then I get “Driver is unavailable” error message on PC printer status page. There have been zero error messages displayed on the printer panel itself. I have updated Win PC Epson drivers to latest version. I a wondering if this unit might have a faulty Main Board. Frustrating since it appears there is at least some rudimentary communication happening. Any insight would be appreciated.