Epson 3880 on-going discussiion


The end of August 2014 I started using ConeColor in my 18 month old 3880. I replaced the first EPSON cartridge (Very Light Magenta - VLM) at that time . I do want to confirm how easy it was to do the replacement.

However, I experienced an immediate color shift to the orange side. Other than the color shift, everything appears to be working correctly.

  1. Has anyone else experienced this phenomena?
  2. Is there any form of registration I can do to correct this.

I am using ICC profiles that were supplied to me by the paper manufacturer. I am reluctant to have new profiles made until I have all CC cartridges in use. I just replace my second cart today and will start a control print to compare against as new carts are replaced. Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

I would love to hear experiences from other 3880 users.



Hi Jim~

I just responded to your other post regarding the issue you’re having after installing the MK refillable cart. After reading this post, I see you have at least the VLM ([U]Vivid[/U] light magenta, not “very” light) and MK carts installed, I assume these are the only two you have installed so far.
We carefully formulated ConeColor Pro inks to be such a close match that inks can be installed one at a time as Epson carts empty, and continue getting great results using the standard Epson workflow/profiles. What colors/subjects are you printing that shirted orange? If you could attache an image or two that show the orange shift you’re experiencing, it would be helpful for me to see. Instructions for attaching images to this forum can be found here:

What paper/profiles are you using?
It takes several prints or 2-3 power clean cycles to move ink from the cartridge to the print head, so a change in output wouldn’t show up immediately after replacing a cartridge.
Did you shake the ink bottle before drawing ink out and filling the cartridge, or had the ink bottle been sitting since you purchased them a few months ago, and you drew ink from the top of the bottle to fill the cartridge?

Please let me know so I can help you resolve this and get back to happily printing.
Best regards~ Dana