Epson 3880 no ink cartridge error - all indicators blinking

Sorry to be another person raising this issue, but I’ve searched the forum and have tried various solutions from there, without success, so I’m posting.

When I turned on my Epson 3880 printer, I get the classic “no ink cartridge/install ink cartridge” error message. All cartridges are flashing except for the waste ink cart indicator. I am using carts from Inkjet Mall with a set of Epson chips installed. All were working fine…until they all weren’t. :slight_smile:

I have tried jiggling, removing and reinserting all the cartridges, as well as trying to reset everything by unplugging the power. No luck

It seems unlikely to me that it’s a chip problem, given that all the indicators are flashing, not just one or two. But who knows? (Hoping you do.)

Thanks for any help you can offer.


probably one control chip not fully contacting it’s OEM chip below.

Tape over each control chip over the solder points so the control chip seats more securely into the cartridge and makes contact with its OEM chip below. This should do it.




Thanks for the prompt reply.

I taped down all the chips as you suggested. This didn’t solve the problem.

So I went back online to look for solutions and came across a procedure for “resetting the printer” from 2013(!), apparently from the InkJet site. Procedure below. This worked, perhaps in conjunction with the taping. Who knows? Anyway, I’m a happy guy.

Again, thanks for getting back to me.


…For those also having this problem, the solution is to reset the printer. I found the solution on inkjetmalls installation instructions for their similar carts.

Cartridges unrecognized: If your printer displays empty cartridge boxes on the LCD or other strange errors, the printer can be reset as follows. Open the cartridge bay door and unlock all nine carts, then slide out the waste ink tank and turn the printer power off for at least 3 minutes. When the printer is turned back on, the LCD will display NO maintenance tank. Slide the waste ink tank back into the printer and close the waste tank door. The LCD should now display NO ink cartridge. Push cartridges snugly into the printer from left to right (1 to 9), then lift up on the bottom/rear of all carts to ensure they are even. The LCD should now display Cartridge door open, close the cartridge bay door and the printer should pressurize cartridges then display Ready on the LCD panel.