Epson 3880 maintenance cartridge

Hallo all
I am in the process of installing the new Pro inks. The printer asked for a new maintenance cartridge, which I duly installed. I used a new original Epson part. The printer reports: “No maintenance cart. Install the maintenance cart”, which I’ve done several times. Also tried a second new cart, with same result. Cleaned contacts with alcohol - no whiskey added. Printer only gets whiskey when it’s working.
Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?
Many thanks in advance.

Your refillable ink carts are causing the maintenance cart to not be recognized… happened many times on my 2 3800’s… replace your ink carts with Epson original carts one at a time and see when the maintenance problem goes away… it can be a nightmare of chasing your tail… very frustrating

Interesting. My 3880/K7 setup worked normally in that regard for a while, but at some point stopped reading the level in the maintenance tank, though it still works. I just have to check that it doesn’t get overloaded once in a while.

The Epson Printer Utility Status Monitor shows all of the ink carts as genuine with production dates of 10/05 or 09/11. The maintenance cart section is grayed out.

Do you have a chip resetter for the maintenance tank?

Thanks very much for your help.

Thanks for your help.