Epson 3880 - LK - No Ink Cartridge installed

Hi - I recently installed a LK cartridge from IJM with a new Epson OEM chip. The IJM cartridge doesn’t read now - the printer says “No ink cartridge / Install Ink Cartridge”. I had a similar issue with this before, and hadn’t used the IJM cartridge until now (was using an OEM one). It’s just flashing on the LK slot (#3) rather than all of them as it was before, but the printer just flashes a generic striped rectangle rather than saying LK.

I have a few other IJM carts installed and those are working fine.

When I put the OEM chip back in the Epson cartridge, that seems to be fine as I get the “Replace cartridge” message with the flashing “LK” b/c ink is out.

We’ll send you a new control chip. Most likely it’s just a fit issue.