Epson 3880 LK channel not printing

I have an Espon 3880 with refillable cartridges + ConeColor ink system.
While printing, I ran out of LK ink.
After refilling the cartridge, the LK channel is not printing at all.
A nozzle check shows LK completely empty while all other channels are perfect.
I have tried to re-prime the cartridge and run a regular clean cycle. Still nothing.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Run 3x power cleanings. 3x power is required to purge the full ink line of its air.

As it says in the instructions, this chip/control-chip solution will always show the cart as full on the printer so it’s important to visually check often and top off and cart that is 1/2 empty.


Thank you Walker.

1 power cleaning fixed it.
I also used the calibration tool from QTR to purge the channels.

I’ll make sure now to monitor the ink level!

Thanks again for your help.