Epson 3880 Light Vivid Magenta not recognized

I am having trouble with a new 3880 Vivid Light Magenta cartridge not being recognized by the printer. I installed the original Epson chip into the cart. and placed the IM chip on top of the Epson chip as instructed and as I have done with other cart’s. I have also tried all suggested troubleshooting tips, but problem still exists. I then tried to place the original Epson chip back onto the Epson Cart. and it then works. I have also tried several suggestions from other members, but to no avail. Im thinking that the IM chip may be defective. Is there a way I can get a new VLM chip sent to me.

We’re getting you out a replacement VLM control chip ASAP.


Thanks Walker. Much appreciated.

I’ve experienced the same problem installing Piezography Pro on Epson 3880. Vivid Light Magenta, Vivid Magenta and Light Cyan was not recognised. I had ordered one extra vivid light magenta chip (can’t remember the reason) which solved the problem. Also by changing the light cyan chip with one from my older K7 system, the problem was solved. I had no extra vivid magenta chip, so the printer will no work until that is solved. Since it of different reasons has taken me one and a half year to install the 3880 I’ll blame myself and has ordered new chips.