Epson 3880 Inks not recognized

I recently acquired an Epson Stylus Printer that came with 9 Epson Ink carts partially full. I installed all of the carts and I received a message to contact the repair center. I know that it is one of the carts causing the problem. When I take this cart out and turn the printer on again I get the message “Please install the correct cartridge”. I know it is the correct cart - what can be wrong? By the way, installed an almost empty cart (the same number and color) and there was no problem. Any thoughts?

If this is an Epson cartridge than it’s just a chip corruption with the cartridge. If this is an IJM cartridge you need to make sure the Epson OEM chip is the exact chip from the exact color Epson cartridge that the channel is labeled as (so Light Cyan chip to Light Cyan channel).