Epson 3880: IJM Kit: Yellow faint in nozzle check

I’ve received my IJM ink kit for the 3880 (HD PK) and have installed all inks except matte and photo black (printer set to use PK) - for these two I have enough Epson ink.

My first nozzle check looks good, except for yellow; there may be no clogs with yellow, but I can’t evaluate because the yellow nozzle check is so faint. I can see a yellow area of the correct size, but individual yellow lines are so light that I can’t see if all are present.

My next step is to get a replacement maintenance cartridge and then try some small prints.

What might be happening here and what should I try?


PS - Need to clarify: the yellow appears light, not faint. In other words, it appears like a yellow highlighter as opposed to the more mustard Epson color.

Can you post a photo of this nozzle check?

Thank you,

Ok, so when I scanned the printout it darkened the yellow (#8) so now I can see it’s a perfect nozzle check.
On the printed paper though the yellow is very light.


I think you will be ok. Do some test and prints and see what you see.

New ICC profiles are available at inkjetmall as well.


I have the ConeColorPro-3880-Legacy-ICC-Profiles DMG file. When you say “New” are you referring to Cone custom ICC service or new icc profiles somewhere on the website?

Thanks very much for your help,

I would download both the legacy ones and the ones for the new UltraHD-MK and HD-PK ink. The new profiles may even work better on the old black inks than the old profiles. It’s worth a test.