Epson 3880 for sale with Special Edition Inks

I own two Epson 3880’s with Piezography inks. One has Special Edition inks and one has digital negative inks. I have been making digital negatives and printing silver gelatin prints. I plan on only printing BW in the darkroom in the future. Therefore, I am selling the 3880 I am using for Special Edition printing. It’s in perfect working order and contains all cartridges, circuit boards and special edition inks.
I also have inks in bottles:
Carbon Shade 2 - approximately 150ml
Neutral Shade 1 - approximately 150ml
Neutral Shade 6 - approximately 150ml
Neutral Shade 7 - approximately 150ml
Special Edition Shade 3 - approximately 120ml
Special Edition Shade 4 - approximately 200ml
I am willing to sell all the above for $1000.
If interested please contact Joel Davidson