Epson 3880 Error Code 1224

Good evening.

My trusty 3880 just came up with a Service Call error 1224, Please contact to the repair center.

Has anyone experienced this error before? I am using Inkjetmall cartridges and the Piezography Inks.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


From the Field Repair Guide:

From the Service Manual:

This pic shows the Paper Feed Roller (light blue):

And I think this one shows the Paper Feed Belt, though you have to remove the housing to actually access it:

What to do with this information is another matter and beyond my experience. But often these errors are flukes and can be resolved by simply turning the machine off and back on again. Have you tried that yet?


PS - I am happy to share these manuals if you don’t have them.

sorry or late reply, generally this indicates ink splatter on the encoder board or just dust etc. it needs a clean


… which raises the question “where is this encoder board and how does one clean it?”

I think we can see it in both of the illustrations I posted above, but unfortunately it is well hidden within the housing, so the housing must be removed to get to it. (See blue oval.)


Is that correct, Walker?

It’s the clear thing that spins. It’s actually fuji film with tiny tiny lines on it.


Aha! Glad I asked. So it’s not the Encoder Board, which is the little circuit board and what I guess is a sensor attached to it that I circled in blue. Rather, the part you are referring to is the Paper Feed Scale, or SCALE, PF, 180 in Epson manual-speak. That makes more sense.

Please forgive me for being picky about the names of things, but that is just the sort of thing that can send someone off chasing wild geese (or something like that). :wink:


Walker & Keith,

Thank you so very much for your replies to my inqury.

After posting my question, I did a Google search and found some articles from 2012 - 14 about the 1224 error code. One mentioned turning the printer off and unplugging it for about 5 minutes. I tried that and the error code has cleared.

I will keep your information filed in case I need it in the future.

Once again thank you. I appreciate the help!