Epson 3880 error 1501 release phase detection error

Hello I tried to put a sheet 8 1/2x11 "bond in the front tray of the printer epson 3880 for a test print, the introduction sheet gave me an error 1501, look in the manual and error corresponds to bug release phase detection error. that solution could give you, I do not think a single sheet
has damaged, (to take the printer is jammed sheet, given that mistake it off and removed the jammed sheet and now continues to give the error. When I turn on the printer does not sound normal initialization.)

is there any way to open the gate of the cartridges, because when I turn on the printer displays the error and touch the up arrow for several seconds I did not open the gate to remove the cartridges.

On the front left side of the ink cover - about 1/2 way down- insert a table knife about a 1/2 + inch and pry the knife to the left. Don’t be aggressive as you don’t want to break the catch. The cover will not pop up - you will want to gently lift on the cover as you pry and you will feel it give. It may take a few tries to get it but it will open. There appears to be no other way when you get an error that locks everything up. I have a 142D error and that was how I got the ink cover open.

Good luck