EPSON 3880 Bottom 1.5 inches of paper not printing

Yesterday I replaced the Epson Matt Black with the ConeColor Matt Black - Now the bottom 1.5 inches will not print. I did a nozzle check and it looks OK. I did a head cleaning and it is OK and another nozzle check.

Everything was working fine until I changed the Epson Matt Black with ConeColor.

Can you tell me how to fix this? I have a lot of printing to do. I am a photography teacher and the first day of class is Friday. I have my Sylabuss and curriculum for 70 students to print before Friday. Help.


Hi Jim~

Installing the MK refillable cartridge wouldn’t cause the printer to not print the top 1.5", especially since the nozzle check shows all 8 channels fully printing…

Did you prime the MK refillable cartridge before installing it into your printer?
Is this the first refillable cart that you’ve installed into this printer?
What have you tried printing (text, or an image)?
What is the image and paper size you’ve selected in the print window?
Are you printing thru the standard Epson print driver, or some sort of RIP, etc?
Have you shut down both the printer and computer for a few minutes, then tried printing something different?

Please let me know so I can try to help.

Hello Dana,

Sorry for the late response I had to be at the school preparing and setting up the classroom all day. Remember, I am in Germany.

  1. I did prime the MK refillable cartridge before installing it in the printer.
  2. This is the second refillable cart that I installed. The first was a Vivid Light Magenta. It installed fine. The only problem is some color shift which we can deal with when this problem is solved
  3. Since I installed the MK refillable, I had to install a Light Light Black LLK refillable cartridge to do a complete set of diagnostics (Nozzle check and Head cleaning). Now 3 ConeColor refillables are installed.
  4. So far, I have printed nothing but text documents since I have had the problem.
  5. The image size is A4 210 x 297 mm (remember, I am in Germany). I am printing on Plain Paper.
  6. I am using the standard EPSON print driver.
  7. I shut the computer down overnight and I re-initialized the printer through the printers menu.
  8. I will again re-boot and shut the printer down for a few minutes to see if it will help. I do think that will have any influence but it is worth a try.

Please note - every document I have printed since I installed the Matt Black cartridge does not print the last 1.5 inches of the long side document.

So far I have tried:

  1. Three different Word Documents that printed perfectly just before I changed the cartridge now do not print the last 1.5 inches. Tried multiple times.
  2. A google calendar before I changed the cartridge printed perfectly, After I changed the cartridge 1.5 inches of the right side does not print.
  3. I did multiple “Print Test Page” prints from the Start Menu (devices and printers) and they also do not print the bottom 1.5 inches

So far, it makes on difference what I print, vertical or horizontal. The last 1.5 inches on the long edge does not print. So far, the only type of document I have not tried is a photograph. I will try that now. and will let you know the result.

Call me if you think it can save some time. 916 314-3275. This rings my phone in Germany but is a local US call for you.

I look forward to getting this solved.


Hello Dana,

As you suggested, I turned the printer off for a couple of hours. I just turned the printer on and rebooted the computer just to be safe and WaLa, everything is printing fine.

Please tell me that I am not crazy.

Thank you for your support. As soon as I get the new semester settled, I would like to look into the color shift after installing the Vivid Light Magenta. For now, I am just happy to have a working printer.

Jim - Happy camper.

Hi Jim~

Thanks for the update, I’m glad your printer is cooperating, and printing again. Please let me know more about your color shift as soon as you have time.

Thanks and best regards~ Dana