Epson 3880 black density problem

I just convert an epson 3880 printer to Piezography.

After several test i have really bad results the print are way darker than the original and somehow solarized in some parts though the darks are surprisingly detailed. The result has nothing to do with the original image.

I have read the manual cleaned up the printer run several nozzle check installed printool and quadtonerip using the right curve… the only mistake I can think off is that i did a mistake loading the cartridge. I did it carefully but I did not TRIPLE CHECK i was not doing a mistake.
Before flushing everything and start fresh with new cartridges I am wondering here if I have not missed something ?

Here is the cartridge fill order:

You can verify from that.

The curves that you need to use are from this download: Piezography Community Edition | Piezography

Make sure you use the correct curves for your ink set (Pro, K7, or P2).


Hi Walker, thank you for your help.

I have looked into it but still have unexpected results. here is what i get when i print a nozzle check. It does not look good to me but I don’t how to understand it ?



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From memory I think the 3880 goes, K, LK, LLK, C, M, LC, LM, Y from left to right. From the nozzle check (knowing what K7 inks look like) it looks like you’ve got LC and LM switched. LC should be shade 3 and LM should be shade 5 but in this nozzle check it looks like you have shade 5 in LC and shade 3 in LM.

You need to simply switch them with each other.


Hi Walker,

I swapped the two cartridges and it works perfectly.

Thanks a lot !


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