Epson 3880 and refillable carts not being recognized

My situation is that I have two 3880 printers, one of which I am trying to convert for piezography printing but I have been unsuccessful getting the printer to accept the IJM carts.

I transferred a set of OEM chips to the new carts and have re-seated them multiple times - I’m 90% sure I transferred OEM chips from old Epson to IJM carts correctly - i.e. MK to MK, PK to PK etc.

Not sure if it is an issue if I screwed up and an OEM chip ends up in a different IJM cart?

I have recorded the numbering information on the OEM chips and don’t see any pattern - seems random.

I’ve tried multiple troubleshooting scenarios based on some previous threads:

  1. Placing 8 OEM carts (from my color printer) in the printer and 1 IJM cart - in various slots - still the presence of the single IJM cart causes the Waste Cart error message and also shows that multiple ink carts are unavailable. I have a new OEM waste cart in the print.

  2. Placing 8 OEM carts in the printer and trying each of the nine IJM carts in the one available slot - still getting error messages.

  3. Performed multiple resets of the printer - following the directions in the IJM handout that accompanied the inks & carts.

  4. Tried placing the IJM carts in my color 3880 - same problems exhibited in that printer.

I have noticed that slots 2, 5 & 7 seem to show full ink while all the others appear empty occasionally when I have the full set of IJM carts installed.

I’m using shades 2 through 7 and flush in the remaining 3 carts.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I suggest you put all the OEM chips back on their OEM carts and see if they all work. If not, you have two (or more) chips that are out of place. If you have another set of OEM carts available you can debug that, but if not, it’s basically impossible.

The tricky thing about this stuff is that the OEM chips don’t have channel markers on them. The serials are essentially random.

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Thanks Walker - I actually figured it out via a complicated game of musical chairs with the chips and carts and a set of OEM carts. All good now! I guess the lesson learned is that its important to pay attention to which OEM chips come out of which carts.