Epson 3880 and K7 inks Automatic Nozzle Check error?

Did my weekly nozzle check on the printers and the 3880 with the K7 threw up two amber warning lights when I fed a sheet in Automatic Nozzle Check form the printer’s menu.

I’m guessing it does not like seeing the shades of black ink in Automatic Nozzle check form the printer menu. I reset the printer and ran the Manual Nozzle Check and I am guessing all is well as that ran and the patterns I could see (GO and what was Yellow are almost impossible) were okay.

Don’t know if I should also switch to the Matte Black from the Photo Black and run it again?

Also, the dye ink 3880 in Automatic did show one small Magenta nozzle square as white after one week. It seems to run another line and it looked better (Takes a lot longer than Manual Check mode too.). Once it finished up, I ran it again in Manual Check from the printer’s menu and it looked good with the staggered lines so I guess it is okay too.


Hi Mack~

You should only print manual nozzle checks when using Piezography inks, because shade 7 and Gloss Overprint are too light to be detected by your printer, so it will think you have a clog and do repeated cleaning cycles.
You will only see GO on glossy paper, so to determine if your GO channel is fully printing, you will need to print a nozzle check on glossy paper (you can use cheap or scrap gloss paper for this purpose).

MK and PK have two separate ink lines and dampers, but share the same secondary damper and print head channel, so it’s a good idea to occasionally do a black ink change if you’re only printing with one black for a while, to keep ink flowing and avoid settled pigment in the unused black line.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: