Epson 3880 and ConeColor Pro HD Black Inks

I have purchased refillable ink carts for my Epson 3880 with the intent to switch to ConeColor Pro HD in the near future. For now I’m using the OEM inks expect for the Matte which I’m using Cone UltraHD-MK ink. I have plenty of used OEM carts that I can get ink from for the time being. I only print matte as my damper is still not working right even after taking the print deliver system completely apart and cleaning. I’m sure at this point the motor that powers the mechanism to switch inks is getting old and weak and allowing the damper to close completely.

My question is would I benefit from replacing the LK and LLK with Cone inks, would I get better light black tones. I’m using the Cone UltraHD-MK to get me the best Dmax.