Epson 3880 after replacing dampers and ink lines?

After I replace the ink delivery unit (including dampers and ink supply lines) in my Epson 3880, what will I need to do to fill the printer all the way to the print head? Do I do an Initial fill or power cleanings or manually fill the lines before reassembling?

Do an initial fill (aka 4 power cleanings in a row)

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Thank you. After reading many posts, Dana and others speak of priming new dampers by drawing ink thru the line to fill the damper before connecting the selector unit to the print head. So I posed my question.


drawing ink through the dampers will damage the damper film more often than not. I DO NOT suggest it.

Let the ink vacuum do this. That is what it does when it initializes new printers and it’s designed to do that.


Thank you. I will heed your warning.