Epson 3880/3800 - How many ml or % of ink in supply line from cartridge to paper?

A question for Epson 3880/3800 owners. Iʻd like to know how much ink (expressed in ml or %-age of a cartridge) is in the supply line between the cartridge and when the ink reaches the paper?

I purchased the HD version of ConeColor Pro K3. Instead of purging the old ink, I plan to use it up but would like to know when the new ink reaches the paper.

Also, on a manual nozzle check, is it easy to see the difference between HD ink and Epson PK ink?

If youʻre wondering why Iʻm asking, itʻs a bit complicated, but itʻs because I have a faulty 3800 and I am putting the PK ink in the MK cart for photo printing. I know itʻs OK to print PK ink on matte paper, but not MK ink on photo paper.

Approximately 10-15mL of ink.

It is not easy to see the difference between the two inks.


Thanks very much, Walker!