Epson 3800, suddenly a magenta cast

I haven’t printed a photo for several months (although I have printed to plain paper fairly regularly). Suddenly, I’m getting a magenta cast.

I’ve made a number of prints but can’t solve the problem:

  • recalibrated my monitor to make sure that wasn’t the issue
  • agitated the ink cartridges (I do this every so often)
  • printed a test page – it looks okay
  • printed from Lightroom Classic CC, Photoshop and also a contact sheet from PhotoMechanic
  • printed on two different photo papers
  • tried printing with the printer managing colour and with that off

I’ve looked at a few of the other threads here but haven’t found a clear idea for a solution. Any suggestions?


I suggest you nozzle check (first and for-most) and do 2 power cleanings to get all the new agitated pigment through the head. Then test.


Thanks. I’ll work on that.

I’ve compared my most recent nozzle check to one done just after I had the printer serviced. What do I see? On the old printout, the magenta area is darker than the light magenta area. On the current printout they are the same and both look like magenta. I’ve checked my ink consumption records. I recently topped up light magenta.

Conclusion – in haste I put magenta ink into the light magenta cartridge. I assume that would result in a magenta cast!!

Questions – How do I flush the cartridge? Will two power cleanings do once I replace the ink in that cartridge?

File this under, “Boy, do I feel stupid.”

Empty the LM cartridge. Put distilled in it and empty that.

Fill with LM.

Do 3 power cleanings or print a ton of light magenta image sheets.


I’m happy to say that cleaning out the light magenta cartridge and three power cleanings has solved my problem.

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