Epson 3800 - no ink to heads

This printer is probably 10 years old so it doesn’t own me anything. That said, I was having issues only with the yellow channel where I was getting 40% nozzle checks. Every other color was 100% and this printer has never suffered the photo/matte valve issue either. Followed some of the typical triaging instructions. Paper towel with PiezoFlush, washing the waste pads and wiper and nothing was clearing that yellow channel. So I got brave and took the printer apart with the goal of getting the print head out and soaking it in PiezoFlush. Watched 2 tutorials and getting it broken down was pretty. Documented each screw and part. Removed the damper assembly and got the print head out without issue. Filled a Tupperware container with about 2mm of PiezoFlush and let the head sit there overnight. A lot of ink came out. No moisture touched the electrical components where the ribbon cables connect. Next day dried everything out and put it back together. Took about 20 min to do.

Next, ran a charge cycle and then a test print. Nothing - not a single color on the test print and I kinda figured at this point there was no ink in the head so that might happen. Fast forward through 6 cleaning cycles and nothing at all. Maintenance cart is not getting any ink, cartridges are not losing ink even through the charge cycles (validated by weighing each before and after) and waste pads show very little ink on them.

So what would cause this. I was very careful with the print head and don’t think I damaged it or got electronics wet. It seems like I lost pressure somewhere in the chain but the cleaning cycles sound “normal” and it does appear to pressurize. How to triage why no ink is getting to the heads now? Is there a quick path to determine why no ink seems to be flowing

I think you have your dampers (ink assembly) screwed in too tight.

and/or the head is not making contact with the vacuum (pump cap) assembly.


Walker - thanks. So what do I need to loosen up to fix it? I removed the frame and now have access to the entire damper system.