Epson 3800 leaking after replacing dampers

I replaced the individual dampers on my Epson 3800 and now it’s leaking copious quantities of Piezoflush (I’m glad I’ve got cleaning cartridges in rather than my Piezography cartridges). I’ve taken it apart again and I can’t see where the leak is coming from. Everything looks to be tight and as it should be, but there’s Piezoflush all over the place around the damper unit. I know this isn’t something I can get “official” support on here but I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas what might be causing the leak. If I can’t trace the leak my only solution looks to be to get a complete replacement ink system assembly for the 3880 and put it in (without the ink bay assembly). But I’d rather solve the problem than spend another $175 on parts.

The problem with replacing the individual dampers on the 3800 is that this printer has more relative pressure than any other printer on the market so if any seal is loose (OR TOO TIGHT) things will get real messy quick. Coupled with this is the fact that PiezoFlush has some very special ingredients in it that will enable the fluid to pretty much pass through any crack or opening that isn’t totally sealed.

Best guess is that you may have tightened the dampers too much causing them to unseal.

Dana probably has a better grasp on this particular situation too as I have only grappled with the 38 on one occasion and she has on several.


Thanks Walker. On the 3800 (and the 3880) the dampers are press fit; there’s nothing to tighten. But of course there are still plenty of places for leaks to develop.
I did just uncover one other piece of possibly relevant information: it seems like the leak is just coming from the PK and MK channels, and maybe the Magenta channel. I say maybe because it seems so unlikely that it would be PK + MK + M leaking and nothing else so I’m wondering if I skipped the M when I was adding Piezoflush to the cartridges. If it is just the PK and MK channels that are leaking that would suggest something wrong with the ink switching mechanism or the damper that both PK and MK feed into.

The MK/PK switch on this machine is known to break (all on its own!). I fear this is your problem w/ the printer and you will need to get an ink-supply unit in its entirety . . .


Thanks. At least I can now feel reasonably certain that I know the cause.

Do you sell the ink supply units for the 3880/3800?