Epson 3800 Ink Leakage

IMG_0863 I have an Epson 3800 printer and I notices black ink leakage on the side of the papers. I thought it may be the ink heads were clogged so I ordered the Printer cleaning swabs, the syringe and the piezoflush and cleaned the printer just like the video described. But it did not solver the problem. I called inkjetmall to ask what it may be and the person believes it could be the photo black matte and black glossy switch doesn’t work and it needs to be replaced but he was not sure. I’ve attached a photo to see the ink leakage I’m talking about. Has anyone seen this and can you recommend a fix? Any feedback is much appreciated.

Yep. This is a black ink damper that is stuck open.

The ink supply unit needs to be replace. A quick search of this forum will show the relevant threads. It is a common problem with the 3880 and was fixed in the P800.

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