Epson 3800 Cyan Refill Cartridge "Install Ink Cartridge" Error


I have a set of Epson 3800 refillable cartridges I ordered from Inkjet Mall some time ago. I just installed them for the first time and ran into a problem…

After installing all of the cartridges, the Cyan one (#5) kept coming up with an “Install Ink Cartridge” message.

I tried the following:

  1. Reseating the original Epson Cyan chip underneath the Auto Reset Chip, but got the same error.
  2. Installed a different Cyan chip from an OEM cartridge I had just removed from the printer/knew to be working into the Auto Reset Chip. Same error.
  3. I then installed the original chip used with the refill cart on the OEM cartridge, and the error went away.

Is there anything else I should try here? Thanks in advance!