Epson 3800 cool Dk Gay pro inks

This clogged nozzle has been really frustrating. This is the first time I’ve had a pattern like this. Usually I just get a few broken lines, if I run a normal head cleaning they clear up. This time the Head cleaning gave me this really odd pattern that almost looks like it’s smudged. I cleaned the heads and Wiper thoroughly and then after soaking the docking pad with cleaning fluid and letting the printer sit , after doing this repeatedly I thought I got it to clear up. I then ran an auto check and got missing squares and bands smudging. Any thoughts on what to do next? I do have a set of Piezo flush carts.

You are getting delayed fire from the middle. Do you see that little slant on the first edge of the blocked area?

This is indicative of a ribbon cable that is shorting out or the head itself.


I knew something different and screwy was going on

This will still work as a matte printer if you switch the Dk gray to the LLK position and re-map your curves.