Epson 3800 communications problem

I have an Epson 3800 that sat unused for 5 months. I bought a bottle of PiezoFlush and followed the cleaning instructions in the video. After 48 hours the paper I used under the head showed color from all 8 heads but a cleaning and print shows no ink printed. I bought the Epson Adjustment Program so I could do an Initial Ink Fill. The program finds the printer but returns a communication error when I select any function.

This printer has a CSI system with large ink tanks. They are all pressurized and 3/4 full of ink.

I have changed the cable and deleted and reinstalled the printer (win7) to no avail. It is installed on USB001 and there are no other ports available to use.

Any suggestions?


I suggest re-installing the Epson driver to start. Then delete and re-add the printer. Then restart. Then try the maintenance program.

4 power cleanings will also do an “initial fill” worth of ink movement as well.


I took the easy way and ran the Power Cleaner a few times. After the third one the Waste Tank came up full. I took it out and it was dry, so no ink passed through the head. The lines are full so there is something else going on. When I first took this thing apart only the LC was plugged.

I have a new waste tank but it is not recognized by the printer.

I assume you took out the little orange air inlet plugs before installing the cartridges and you have visually verified your carts are full?

Please send photos of your current setup if you would.



Most likely your pressure pump is broken or something else is entirely clogged inside of your dampers or head itself.

I think the carts are ok (these are decent carts, we used to stock a similar design ourselves) but we can’t officially support this without our cartridges installed.


The tanks are pressurized. The dampers have never been changed but did allow ink to flow before I stated trying to clean the LC. I did take the head out a few weeks ago and tried to clean it with IPA and ammonia before I spoke with you. At that time you thought it might be air bound which is why I bought your fluid and the Adjustment software. I am stuck now until I get another waste tank. I am sort of ambivalent about pouring a lot of money into this beast.

Ahah! Your dampers are probably not properly positioned back onto the head inlet spikes.

Most likely the dampers are screwed TOO tight. This can restrict all ink flow to the head.


Thank you for that insight. I will get a new waste tank and try again with the screws loosened.

I got the waste tank to reset by putting a piece of black tape on the fourth contact. loosened the damper screws, reseated the dampers and ran a few Power Cleans. I then lifted the dampers and there is plenty of ink at the spikes but nothing hits the waste tank. and a test print is blank. It must be a problem with the head. I will soak it again and see what happens.