Epson 3800/80, Carbon K7, PiezoDN, and PiezoPro Paths to happiness


I’m trying to walk a path to happiness but I need some advice from a sherpa.

I’ve got one each of Epson’s 3800 & 3880 that I’m planning on moving to Piezo and am trying to figure out the best path to take. Both these printers suffer from the black switching valve fail. I understand that there are options in either repairing or remapping of the channels and that where I will need some sage advice. Although I’m pretty used to the mechanics of doing these repairs, would it be worth the costs to repair both printers or repair one and map the other?

My end goal is to be able to DNs for Platinum/Palladium and other processes as well as printing directly to paper with Piezo. I love the tonality and color of the Carbon K7 for the matte paper prints, but I’m under the impression that I need the GO for the DN. I like the flexibility of the PiezoPro for color variation, but am not sure I can get the same color and tone of the Carbon K7.

When it comes time to flush both of these printers, would I be wrong to assume I can do that with the same flush carts?

Thanks in advance for any insight and enlightenment.


Buy the Carbon shades 2,3,4,5,6 and UltraHD-MK and HD-PK ink. Put the MK in the LLK slot (remap your matte curves for this) and the PK in the Yellow channel. For PiezoDN Print with the “p2” ink curves. They no longer use GO in the latest download of PiezoDN.

You can, but you will need different chips (Control chips and the OEM chips underneath) for the magenta and light magenta (vs VM and VLM). You can buy the 3880 VM and VLM control chips here:


Thanks Walker! You truly are a sherpa! CHEERS!