Epson 2880 Inkjetmall Refiilable cartrides ink strike or spot on paper

Hello, I am using Epson 2880 on Mac. I using Inkjetmall cartridges and ink. The printer stay 1 mounth in storage.
When I reusing I have to cleaning the head with piezo flush and the color back to normal.
I was also cleaning under the cartridges carrier like you teaching.

My actual problem is, on each 8,5/11 print, I have, on the printing side of the paper, a spot or strike of black ink.
In the same direction of the printing direction, in the printing zone.
I was build a new 8,5/11 page with a 1 square inch black spot in the center. When I print no trace of ink spot or strike.
Is my printing head is dead and leak some drop of black ink?
Or I have to cleaning again the black head?
Thank Kidkodak

A freind of me suggest to carefully clean and dry the cartridges wiper. Probably this is the problem.
May be it is a good idea too, to cleaning again the noozles just in case.

I recommend cleaning the inside of your printer: capping station, wiper blade and bottom of the print head, by following our instructions, here:

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: