Epson 2880 chip reset

Hi - I bought a set of refillable 2880 cartridges a few months ago and just read the Inkjet Mall page on how their auto reset chips work. I would like to be able to fill the carts before they are empty and reset them manually, and I have a chip resetter for a 2400 (not from InkjetMall)- their website says the resetter they sell for the 2880 also resets the 2400. Mine looks mostly the same, the pins are in the same place, but I can’t figure out how to make it work with the auto reset chip. It’s pretty straightforward with the 2400 as the pins match the pattern or contacts on the chip. But not so with these 2880 carts and the auto reset chips. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Depends on the resetter (mine is from IJM but very old). Mine has to be used upside down on 2880 carts. It came with different brackets depending on which way up you use it. I don’t recall whether I used that one on my old 2400 - that’s long gone and I can’t be sure - but I think so,

Thanks, Brian! The auto-reset finally kicked in on the cartridge I was having issues with but I’ll definitely try using the resetter upside down and see if that does the trick. Thanks for your input!