Epson 2200 to piezo printing

We don’t support this printer any longer mainly because of the age of these machines. We don’t want to offer product for machines that are most likely not going to work properly for those who try to convert to Piezo.

That said, if your printer is giving you a good nozzle check right now on Epson carts, it could be worth converting and using after-market carts found elsewhere. I can’t vouch for or recommend any specific place.

We recently build a K6 master curve for a customer with an old printer. It’s available here: Piezography K6 Master curve for ooooold (2200,7600,9600) printers

So even if you have 1 channel out, this will work.


Quick question is it still practical to convert a 2200?

I can’t find the 2200 piezo ink and cart kits on inkjet mall any longer!?

Any wisdom on going ahead with aftermarket refillable carts available from eBay and QTR ?