Epson 1430 issue



I searched and found this -
which is related to my problem, but wasn’t sure if that thread was still active so started a new one.
I may be having the same problem and I do have the full set of inks in and am using the ccp profiles. I have done several head cleanings in case there would be some ink mixing and the nozzle check is fine. Density is fine, definitely not enough magenta, but there doesn’t seem to be a clog there. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Pat


Hi Pat~ Sorry for not responding quicker.

It would be helpful if you could please give me some more information about your setup so I can determine the cause and solution of your problem.

  1. Are you printing with a Mac or PC? What operating system version?
  2. Are you printing from Photoshop, or a different application (if not Photoshop- what application are you using)? Also, what version?
  3. Please send me screen captures so I can review all your print settings. You can find instructions for making screen captures online, the process is different depending if you’re using mac or PC.

Please let me know if you have questions or there’s anything further I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


Hi Dana,
Thanks for responding. I’m using a mac - snow leopard. Since I originally posted, I’ve been trying various things myself. I was originally printing with Aperture, but then I switched to PS to print. It shouldn’t make any difference, but I did notice a difference when soft proofing w/ paper color on in PS vs Aperture. I recalibrated too, and tried some other things. It now looks closer to the actual print, but still a little off. I know how to do screen captures, but what are the settings your looking for?