Epson 1430 - DN Inks - Printing directly on Arches Platine - what Curve?



I want to print directly onto Arches Platine with my DN inks in my 1430. Normally, I only print DN’s with the 1430 and then process-print Pt-Pd; however, I want to try printing directly onto the print paper. What curve do I need to apply in the QTR Print tool?

When I pull down the Curve listing in the Print Tool for the Quad 1430-K6 Printer, other than the DN curves I installed (that Jon sent me), the rest of the list is K6-2880 papers. As I’m using your DN inks, I’m assuming I need a curve specific for the Arches Platine-type paper. There are 3 Jon Cone curves in the list: K6-2880-JonConeStudioType1/2/3… will one of those work?


It’s very difficult to print directly onto uncoated paper however it is possible. I want to lower your expectations just a bit though. It’s not going to look photographic per se.

You’ll want to use a curve for a matte-surface paper (enhanced matte or canson rag photographique). It won’t exactly “work” because the paper is not coated for inkjet but because the paper is internally sized it may work “a bit”



When you download and install quadtonerip, the folder inside of the “Profiles” folder called 1400-1430-K6 has all the curves you need.