Epson 1400 help please



ok i bought the printer like 5 months ago used of course i bought some cartridges from inkjet mall about 3 months same time i bought some screen positive hybrid black matte ink from inkjet carts everything worked fine up until recently when i left the printer on for several days and when i went to prints some film positives i get issues bad so i clean and i clean and i clean i just about did every cleaninga available except taking out the print head completely i keep having issues so i decided to put the oem carts back in and print something and what do u know prints like a dream reason why i changed the carts in the first place was i was out of black ink so logic follows the carts that i purchased from inkjet mall went bad well i had an extra empty black empty cart that i received from this place inkjet mall so i decided to fill it up with black ink and print a document same thing happens i get blurry distorted pictures and its acting like its starving for black ink well enough of the talk here is a picture of my stess lol well now its not letting me upload pics well heres a link to the pic


Hi Al,

Sorry but no link so I can not see…

I am alsosorry but we can not trouble shoot the ink you purchased from another company in our carts. We can help you to understand if you are using our carts correctly or are using them incorrectly. But, you have filled them with an ink that we do not supply nor manufacture nor have any idea of its performance, etc and can not possibly advise or support.

We do manufacture a unique silkscreen positive opaque black pigment ink for film. We know its compatible with the R1400 printer. We can trouble shoot you with the use of our inks - but not with some other supplier’s inks.

So, let me know how you filled the 1400 cartridges and I will let you know if there is something else you can do.

  1. Which hole did you fill the ink into? The hole near the clip or the hole at the opposite end (not near the clip)?

  2. Did you use the vacuum method or did you fill the ink using only a syringe (without first pulling a vacuum)?

  3. When you inserted the carts into the printer - did you plug back both holes, or one hole. If only one hole - which?



I filled the ink near the hole where the clip was but first I took off the vent plug I also used a syringe to fill the cart i did it the exact same way when I purchased the ink and the carts and it ran smooth no problems at all and when I inserted the carts back into the printer I started gettng starving issues and could u please explain “pulling a vacuum” about the link I tried to post a picture I could see the picture on my end



That sounds all good! You are filling the carts correctly. As long as you are printing with the vent pulled off the cartridge, the ink can leave the cartridges. The vent is the hole not near the clip. The plug should be off when you are printing. If it is not then starvation can occur. If it is off - and you are having starvation issues - then the ink is causing it or it is not compatible with our cartridge.

The 1400 carts we sell are not designed for vacuum filling. That is when you partially fill the syringe with ink and suck the air out with the syringe plugged into the fill hole (no needle attached). After you pull a vacuum by sucking the air out of the cart, you then let the ink replace the vacuum you have formed. Some of our other cartridges can be filled that way. Not the 1400. You will damage them by vacuum filling.

Please contact inkjetcarts about their matte positive hybrid ink and let them know you are having starvation issues. If they believe that their ink is not compatible with our cartridges and/or they have a different type of cartridge for you to use - it will be best that you are using ink and carts from the same supplier so that they can support the solution. They should have a cartridge that has been tested with their own inks.

All of our inks are compatible with each and every one of the cartridge designs we sell. We have gone to great lengths to find cartridges that are so. There is no way for us to know if they are compatible with other hybrid or 3rd party inks.

Best regards,



You said you sell your own brand of screen positive ink whats it called I was looking for it couldnt find it and yes ive called inkjetcarts actually had a good conversation with the man for about 30 minutes you see I thought I had bought the carts off of them but the guy was still cool enough to help me out he also explained to me that basically the carts I had were from china right dude sells the same ones with the purple sticker on the side and all


Our silkscreen positive ink is called Piezography Warm Neutral Opaque Photo Black


It is a pigment ink of very finely ground pigment that is encapsulated and in a very dense suspension so that it produces near opaque with just one print head. We have been selling into silkscreen shops since 2007.

All carts look alike (with stickers, etc) - but not all carts are alike. China made cartridges is complex in that moulds are often rented out to others to manufacture with various grades of plastic and with various skill levels in moulding and welding and gluing - and internal parts are almost always quite different from assembler to assembler. So even though all China made carts look the same - most are entirely different from each other. Some suppliers just buy from middle men who shop around for best deal. InkjetMall has all of their carts made to specification and build-sheets so they are always the same from month to month and year to year. That way we can support our product fully because we intimately understand it. But I understand how easy it is to think that because they look the same - they must be the same.

Let me know if you have other questions.