Epson 1400 glossy

I saw that in 2016 they were to develop a K5 for the Epson 1400 to print glossy. I do not see any curves for this in QTR. So I was wondering if this is available on not. Also if so how does 5 inks compare to 6 inks.

Thanks John

The 1430 was discontinued later that year before we could get into it and then the XP-15000 (it’s replacement) does not allow for refillable cartridges properly (not user friendly) so this has delayed everything as we have to R&D and then make a large amount of pre-fill carts. It’s a major expense for us without knowing if we’ll sell these pre-filled carts and it goes against our environmental policies. Right now the 1430 K5 gloss is on hold but you can mix K5 Pro ink and adapt any of the Pro K5 curves using PPEv2 to get single pass gloss printing set up on the 1430 right now if you are into tinkering.


Thanks, I also have an Epson R2880 that I’ve set up for P2 inks to print glossy. I’m unable to find full instructions on how to Print on glossy paper. With this setup do I need to print a second pass with the Go, go will it do this on the first pass when i use the glossy curves.