Epson 1400 for tranparencies

I’m interested in the new UV45 ink for transparencies. Is this in compatible with the 1400? If so, what paper setting would I use?

This ink is intended for use with silkscreen process software and those systems control settings, etc.

What is your intended purpose and I will try and help you with a setting.

I’m looking to print transparencies, burn to screens, then print on paper using color separations and halftones. I have QTR, but there seems to be a way to do this in PS alone. What printer paper setting is best for film?

The printer paper setting in the printer driver is a CLUT - a color lookup table that directs how the ink come out of the printer… setting it for Photo Glossy or setting it for Enhanced Matte produce two different ink outputs in reference to a color image.

What you are looking to do is off the menu for Epson driver. So there is no recommended paper setting. You have to devise a way to control this ink put into each of the six color slots of your printer. AccuRip is a product that will process your image into separations as well as control the printing of six channels of this ink.

There are other ways of doing it but you have to research it. You need to set up your printer to be black ink only putting black in all six positions.