Epson 1400 for Gloss Overcoat


I have installed Piezography K7 gloss & matte inks in an Epson R3000, which is working fine. I have an Epson 1400 that I wish to dedicate to gloss overcoat, placing GO in all of the 6 cartridges. Do you have a curve for the Epson 1400 operating this way? Also as GO is clear, how do I perform a nozzle check to make sure all nozzles are firing?


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You can use the 1400 and 1430 as a Gloss Overprint printer. We have a few customers doing this and I have attached a curve for you for this purpose. It expects you to install GO in all six channels.

Some papers require more GO. For example we think that our Type 5 requires 30000 units and this curve as 5000 units per channel.

You can edit this curve in a text editor and search for the six entries at “5000” and change them to 6000 (for example) to make a GO curve of 36000 units.

It is important that you do not choose “Save As” when editing as this can impart some formatting to the file and disable its use. Make a copy. Open it in an editor. Edit it. Then quit allowing it to save rather than “save as”.

Hope that makes sense to you!

You can run a nozzle check on photo glossy paper and hold it at an angle to do a nozzle check.


Thanks, Jon! Your curve works fine with my 1400.