Epson 1400/1430 printer initiated cleanings

Is there any way to turn off all printer initiated head cleanings on these printers? My 1400 and 1430 will periodically initiate an auto cleaning and I’d prefer to control all head cleanings myself.

Thank you,


Sadly not on this printer.

Every time the carts are pulled and put back, it will do a cleaning.

On the P400 (equiv. to the R2000) it will remember the ID# of the last cart so if you pull a cart and refill and put back in it will not do a cleaning. yay, Epson finally did something useful! But sadly, no, not with older models or the 1430.

We will be release P400 carts soon.


Hi Walker

Thank you for the reply. I expect a head cleaning whenever carts are pulled for refilling. The head cleanings that I wish to stop happen even when no cart has been pulled and previous nozzle checks are good. They appear to be random cleanings initiated by the printer periodically. Perhaps firmware related, but these two printers have different firmware between them and both have these random unwanted cleanings.



I’m afraid there is no internal setting on this printer to disable random nozzle cleanings . . .