Epson 11880 Ink Catridges or chips

TLDR; Does anyone have empty ink cartridges for this model, or can identify the 3 chips I indicate below?
I’m in the Montreal area but also have access to Toronto.

I have an old Epson 11880 I bought used and need to service. 3 little digital chips fell off the ink cartridges. Each digital chip has a model number in addition to the ink cartridge model.
If anyone has the 11880 and can tell me what the little model number is on the Light Black, Photo Black, and Cyan cartridges are I can put 2 back with glue. I lost the third and will have to buy a replacement ink, a setof replacement chips, or ask someone for their old empty cartridge.

I want to avoid buying $1000 in ink before I confirm it is a serviceable machine, and the inks I have still ahve a decent amount in them.

I’ve listed the ink cartridges and their corresponding digital chip model numbers.

Thanks in Advance.