Epson 11880 Cyan nozzle problem

Dear Epson help group,

We are a fine art printer and was recommended to your site by a good friend of ours.

We have been having some nozzle problems with our Stylus Pro 11880 . Our problem is this – we have some severely blocked nozzle on the head unit.

Actually the print head is just 9-10 months old. In fact the reason for chaning the pervious head was the same ,cyan ink was missing while doing the nozzle and we changed the printhead along with the capping unit.It is quiet surprising that the same problem showed up after certain months

The cyan nozzle is partially missing(picture attachedPHOTO-2021-11-01-10-06-08
. to the point only about 10 % of the nozzles are firing.We tried all the cleaning methods (super sonic cleaning ,power cleaning ,individual cleaning for the cyan nozzle, but the result was the same and ther was no improvement at all.

Kindly iam waiting for a value replay from guys

Note: Changed the capping station + head unit ,can say in jan 2020 .

This is a de-laminated head. No way to get around it, it’s toast on that channel.