Eizo Monitor - Range Extension setting?


Eizo Monitor CX240 question.
There is a Range Extension feature on Eizo monitors and would like to know how it should be set (either on or off) using K7/P2 inks.
I’ve toggled back and forth “on and off” and this feature makes a considerable amount of visual difference on the monitor.

Eizo’s explanation of what it does.
"The output range of the brightness is extended from 16-254 (off) to 0-255 (on) for display."
By default, the unit comes with this feature “off” which seems odd to me because of clipping.

The adjustment is found on the monitor’s control panel.
Enter>Screen>Range Extension on or off?

Any advice is appreciated.


I’m slowly diving into a backlog of un-replied questions.

With Eizo I suggest setting the range extension to 0-255. That said, in color navigator you will need to also adjust your luminance (white point) and black point in order to settle on a contrast ratio of about 1:200.

Soft-proofing in Photoshop with any of the matte softproof profiles provided by the Piezography Community Edition (with preserve RGB numbers turned on) will simulate this 0-255 condition as well though so even if you don’t have a properly calibrated monitor, soft-proofing will correct for that. Photoshop is an “ICC aware” application that knows the contrast ration settings of your monitor. It will apply the softproof to compensate. In general though it’s best to get your monitor as good as possible to give Photoshop the least amount of work as possible.